under aurora + my wild orgins

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Setting foot inside Under Aurora’s Franklinton storefront, stress and worries seem to melt away at the threshold. We found ourselves in this peaceful state at today’s Herbal Medicine Making class. Our teacher was apprenticing herbalist and maker Aniko Zala of MyWild Origins. She answered lots of questions, shared the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of tinctures, cordials and vinegars as well as the healing elements and characteristics of many herbs she brought along; then set us free to make a tincture of our choosing. I highly recommend visiting this shop, meeting Tina (the owner) and checking out their wonderful line up of classes and events on their calendar. Now to give my tincture a shake and infuse it with intention.

under aurora + my wild orgins0002under aurora + my wild orgins0003under aurora + my wild orgins0004under aurora + my wild orgins0006under aurora + my wild orgins (web sized)-6under aurora + my wild orgins0008under aurora + my wild orgins0009under aurora + my wild orgins0010

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