A new season and slideshows

Wow, our winter months of sabbatical have come to an close. We ended with a bang at the Canada Photo Convention whichView full post »

theo’s first birthday

Theo has been one of my favorite people to photograph, ever since he was in his mother’s womb (see our maternityView full post »

a mother daughter day

These pretty ladies are Lola and her momma, Sarah. We met for the first time when Lola was much smaller, a little threeView full post »

new years round-up (non-wedding favorites)

As a new year is upon us, it’s always nice to flip through images of the past year and remember the moments withView full post »

gloria, 8 years old

This is Gloria, she’s my 8 year old fashion inspiration. When she was 3, I was her nanny. We shared a room in ourView full post »

overmars family

I met Tobi (the beautiful momma in this family) five years ago when I lived in Amsterdam. A lot has changed in thatView full post »

the myrin family

Emily is a dear friend of mine, I haven’t seen her in quite some time and a lot has changed in that time.  I metView full post »

a glimpse of: valencia family

Today was my first time meeting this family, but our mutual friends assured me that they were some of the mostView full post »

lucas’ colors

Lucas’s project in self- expression. Inspired by a Dr. Seuss book, “My many colored days” LucasView full post »