Replenish // organic spa co-op

In the words of Deja one of the co-owners of replenish, “sometimes we think that we have to go to a mountain far away to experience peace… perhaps we can just change the way we think about peace … perhaps peace is coming in for a cup of tea and talking to a friend while you’re getting your nails done. maybe we simplify things a little bit and slow down…. Find beauty and magic in every day life”

I stepped foot into Replenish for the first time in June. I photographed one of my bridal parties starting off their day with a yoga class and then get their makeup done. It felt like a place that I wanted to be, something magnetic about the energy there. In October, I had the chance to spend the morning documenting a tribe building day (sounds a lot warmer than staff meeting, right?) they’re really good at making sure the staff practices what they preach by asking them how they are caring for themselves. It’s really beautiful and inspiring. I highly recommend joining them for a yoga class, massage, facial (I’ve had two now, Adam’s had one and we’re obsessed). Scroll to the bottom of this post to see the VIDEO that shares their very exciting announcement (our main project). Please go check them out for some self-care, you won’t regret it! You’ll also be supporting a women owned business! They also have beautiful space and ability to cater for hosting small intimate dreamy events.2016-11-25_00082016-11-25_00102016-11-25_00072016-11-25_00062016-11-25_0009

replenish spa co-op from rachel joy baransi on Vimeo.

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