life together: sara + brad

Sara and Brad are two of the loveliest people I’ve ever met. We were destined to share this story together, from the random meeting three years prior to the very making of this day of love. Sara and Bradley created a ceremony giving their loved ones room to speak truth into their life, each person had the chance to stand up and tell a story, give advice or revel in the sweet story that’s been in progress over the many years Sara and Brad have been together. It was our delight to be there with them and celebrate their commitment on this beautiful May day. Sara and Brad, we wish you the best life together and that this chapter in NYC would be so fulfilling. We can’t wait to visit you!

life together: sara + bradley from rachel joy baransi on Vimeo.

Sara and Brad are the sweetest and had an amazing outdoor ceremony. It was such a great gift to experience the day with them. From the barefoot bride to the quaker ceremony to the amazing techno first dance, it was a joy to be present as these two became one.

Music by my talented friends Elijah Aaron and Anderson Cale:

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