life together: paige + steve

Paige and Steve threw a gorgeous farm wedding. The details were spectacular, they were incredibly present with their friends and family full of joy all day long. Here’s a little Q&A with the them.

Looking back, what was your favorite moment of the day?

I’ve never thought about this! I think my favorite moments were: having a slow morning with some of my favorite ladies, my first look with my soon to be husband, the vows at the ceremony, the entry into the reception, funny speeches, dancing, and catapulting flaming watermelons.

What parts of your wedding were most meaningful?

The first look and one on one time with my husband while taking pictures. Involving people we love in the ceremony. Hearing wonderful toasts & speeches. Father/daughter dance. Talking with old friends.

What would you do over and over?

Involve my friends and family in the planning. It was a great excuse to get together on a regular basis, took some pressure off me, and allowed my friends to use their talents and gifts. It turned out way better than if I would have planned and done everything.

How did you make a specific decision about your wedding? 

Rachel recommended my fiance and I make a list of around 3 words to describe our wedding. From there we made each of the major pieces could be described by those words.

What was the decision that was most likely to cause conflict/high risk that you went ahead and did + turned out great? 

Having our wedding on a working farm. The place was covered with snow, dirt, and poop when we first visited! It was a lot of extra work to get it cleaned up and functional for a large group (tables & chairs, porta potties, etc). BUT it was the best part of the wedding!

life together: paige + steve from rachel joy baransi on Vimeo.

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