Cooking at The Commissary


The Commissary is one of the places Adam and I retreat to for recharging and to find inspiration. We have had the opportunity to partake in their Makers’ Breakfasts, vegan food tastings, pop-up brunches, and nonprofit photo shoots, but last night may have stole the show, as we learned the intricacies of making Indian curry under the guidance of saucy South African chef Damian Ettish.

Traveling the world to hone his self-taught craft, Chef’s passion for food and culture was plain to see. Damian taught us how he learned to make samosas (pronounced sa•moo•sas) in the streets of Mumbai, the differences between Indian and Thai roti (savory vs sweet), the best way to deseed a hot pepper, and how peeling ginger with a spoon helps preserve its juicy fruitiness.

Alongside a diverse dozen other students listening with rapt attention, the hours in the kitchen flew by. As the last of the roti were frying up, aprons came off and bottles started popping (BYOB). Diving into the curry and rice brought forth smiles and sighs of contentment. Having a hand in the preparation of a meal has this magical way of elevating the whole dining experience.

Keep your eye out for Damian’s eponymously named Fetty’s Street Food debuting in Columbus in the coming weeks. Chef will also be teaching more classes at The Commissary, as well dishing up a Taco Tuesday dinner at The Kitchen. And if you’re looking to expand your curry cooking efforts at home, check out the cookbook 660 Curries, as recommended by The Commissary.


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