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I’m happy you’re here. I’m glad that something drew you to this place and that you’re on the brink of connecting with me. I hope you’re here because you love the way I tell stories and imagine me documenting your life and telling yours. I look forward to getting a glimpse into the way you you live and imagine that I may play a small role in a big life event. Thank you for taking a few minutes to tell me about yourself, it’s the best way to figure out if we mesh well together and can enjoy time together and creating something together. Never tell me you’re sorry for being longwinded, I enjoy stories and learning about you, so that I may share a story that is true to who you are. And that starts right here. If you’re emailing twenty people to compare prices, it’s likely that I’m not for you. If you’re pretty in love with what you see and want to spill your guts…. please do! (If you’re emailing me to ask for prices, just click here for answers).