Adaira // 2017 Senior

You’re probably thinking, “How is this beautiful girl only a senior…. in high school?! I was notView full post »

christmas in cleveland // personal

Over the holidays, Adam and I spent time in Cleveland with his family. We knew his dear Grandma Kay didn’t have muchView full post »

Replenish // organic spa co-op

In the words of Deja one of the co-owners of replenish, “sometimes we think that we have to go to a mountain farView full post »

Erica + Trevor // German Village Geodes and Gems Wedding

“you can literally find anything in gold on the internet if you look hard enough” “I’ve always beenView full post »

Tensuke Express // japanese cuisine

When Sidecar Creative approached me about photographing the food at the new and improved Tensuke Express, I wasView full post »

Creative Shoot // One Couple Four Ways

“Let’s do a shoot that involves cats … and motorcycles!” That was the sentence that began this project. Later we’d addView full post »

Shawn + Brendon // Jorgensen Farm Wedding

“You make the goods great and the bads bearable” Brendon said to Shawn during his vows. These two met working at WholeView full post »

Mid-season Retreat in Michigan

I didn’t realize how much I needed to get away for a couple days and glance back, with a bird’s-eye view of my life,View full post »

Kevlin + Billy // A Rockmill Brewery Wedding

We loved starting the day off with a yoga at replenish, such a good way to bring minds to rest and for everyone toView full post »

barehl babies birthday party // a chicken + dog fête

A year ago today, we met a dog in our driveway…. we had heard him crying throughout the night, and were surprisedView full post »

Katie and Bobby// Park of Roses Anniversary Session

Exactly a year after their wedding. We met early in the morning to document Katie and Bobby’s first anniversary.View full post »

Old Slate Farm Part 2

These faces might look familiar. We’ve only been friends for a bit over 3 months, but we’ve spent more timeView full post »

Jennie + Jon // Literary Themed Ohio Wedding

Loved the way that Jennie and Jon incorporated one of their favorite things- books into so many details on theirView full post »

Katie + Bobby // Via Vecchia Wedding

Venue: Via Vecchia Winery // Flowers: EcoFlora  View full post »View full post »

Bathtime with Heidi

caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.  ― audreView full post »

Bryon + Lauren // Yellow Springs Wedding

“you are honest to a fault. a good friend to anyone who wants one. you are not afraid to speak your mind. youView full post »

Hannah Hoffman Jewelry // Columbus Maker

Featuring Jewelry by Hannah Hoffman, Makeup by Annamarie Cua, Modeled on Madeline Pfister.  View full post »View full post »

Anna + Miguel // Sunbury Backyard Wedding

It’s hard to find the words to describe a day as enormous as a wedding. I’m not going to let that keep meView full post »

Ohio State Engagement Session

The sky was overcast. There was a marathon happening along high street next to Ohio State’s campus; I actuallyView full post »

under aurora + my wild orgins

Setting foot inside Under Aurora’s Franklinton storefront, stress and worries seem to melt away at the threshold. WeView full post »

Old Slate Farm

Adam and I found ourselves hardcore friend-crushing when we read an inquiry for wedding photos from Katie and Brad, whoView full post »

Cooking at The Commissary

The Commissary is one of the places Adam and I retreat to for recharging and to find inspiration. We have had theView full post »

creative therapy: part I

every time i come into contact with someone who i want to collaborate with creatively, a fire lights inside of me. byView full post »

ali + austin’s vintage circus themed wedding

What a gorgeous wedding, we’re so glad that Ali and Austin pursued us fervently even after saying no atView full post »

wedding: melissa + sangram

When Melissa and Sangram asked me to come to Cincinatti and document their Hindu ceremony on a Thursday (because theView full post »

so you’re engaged?

Hello, newly-engaged couples! So exciting (and yet probably a little terrifying) to be working on something as bigView full post »

a new passion: the strong women project

A few months ago, I was sitting outside a coffee shop with a bride from last year and one of her best friendsView full post »

A new season and slideshows

Wow, our winter months of sabbatical have come to an close. We ended with a bang at the Canada Photo Convention whichView full post »

theo’s first birthday

Theo has been one of my favorite people to photograph, ever since he was in his mother’s womb (see our maternityView full post »

mother’s day minis.

For the last few months I’ve been doing “passion projects” discovering what things that I care about,View full post »

a mother daughter day

These pretty ladies are Lola and her momma, Sarah. We met for the first time when Lola was much smaller, a little threeView full post »

snowy engagement session

It’s undeniable … Esther and Steven have the most beautiful smiles. Even before we were introduced,View full post »

don’t give up project: bernie + roxi

“I have hope for people’s marriages who don’t have hope for themselves.” ThereView full post »

adam turned 27!

It’s my wonderful husband, Adam’s birthday. I can’t say enough about his kind and gentle spirit,View full post »


Here’s a glimpse of our time in Thailand. A little Bangkok, a little Amphawa, a few airbnbs, a hostel, aView full post »

new year’s round-up: weddings

We loved the chance to participate in so many weddings this year. From mimosas to cake cutting (or in some cases pie orView full post »

december travels: from ohio to LA

A couple days after Christmas, Adam and I set out on a road trip from Ohio to California. We were helping some friendsView full post »

new years round-up (non-wedding favorites)

As a new year is upon us, it’s always nice to flip through images of the past year and remember the moments withView full post »

cancun wedding: catalina + joshua

When Catalina and Joshua invited us to join them in Mexico in December, saying no didn’t even cross our minds. WeView full post »

the artist’s way: christen

This beautiful woman is our friend, Christen. She’s such a breath of fresh air. She is encouraging to the max, aView full post »

richard + ellie

Last night, two of our friends joined us for a little one-hour roadtrip to yellow springs for dinner. On the way (theView full post »

life together: sara + brad

Sara and Brad are two of the loveliest people I’ve ever met. We were destined to share this story together, fromView full post »

engaged: sara + ryan

I’ll do whatever I can to make sure I get a chance to have my couples in front of my camera. Doesn’t matterView full post »

life together: anthony + meg

Oh, how I loved this wedding. From the girls doing yoga in the morning, to the guys playing pool and making coffee.View full post »

ellen + cory [stop-motion video]

This year, one of my personal goals was to try out a stop-motion video at a wedding. I was excited to shoot alongsideView full post »

life together: tony + whitney

Tony and Whitney are enthusiastic about life, their community and living life to the fullest together. Watch the videoView full post »

sneak peek: chelsea + seth

Yesterday’s wedding at Jorgensen Farms was beautifully bright. Such a great wedding filled with vendors I love-View full post »

life together: dara + michiel

It rains a lot in the Netherlands, so it wasn’t a huge surprise that the day Dara & Michiel celebrated theirView full post »

mother’s day at CMA

A couple of weeks ago, a young photographer friend of mine, Ally Gille (the pretty model in the first few photographs)View full post »

preview: sara & bradley

Today, Sara (barefoot) and Brad (wearing shoes) committed themselves to each other near lots of big and beautifulView full post »

sneak peek: brittany & michael

I had a lovely time with these two today. I loved Brittany’s amazing gold dress, enjoyed that they opted not toView full post »

new creative workspace

For the first time in my life, I woke up and went to a workspace that was not my room. Granted, it’s not far. IView full post »

nazareth restaurant + deli

Some of you already know, I grew up in a restaurant. My father, Hany, opened a restaurant 6 months before I was born.View full post »

kate + josh

Kate and Josh are two of the loveliest people I’ve ever come across. It was a total wonder getting to know themView full post »

kate + josh

Kate and Josh are two of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. They cooked us dinner when we made our way out to theView full post »

chalita + matthijs

Chalita is a photographer in the Netherlands. During my last trip to Amsterdam, she contacted me asking about meetingView full post »

life together: emily + cuddles

This is one of my favorite weddings ever. The wedding took place outside of the bride’s family’s home, inView full post »

engaged! sara + ryan

Okay, these two are really awesome and I’m really looking forward to getting to know them better. Sara and I metView full post »

teaser! emily + cuddles

This wedding was amazing! On the beautiful land in Sunbury, where the bride’s parents live. It was full of theView full post »

gloria, 8 years old

This is Gloria, she’s my 8 year old fashion inspiration. When she was 3, I was her nanny. We shared a room in ourView full post »

overmars family

I met Tobi (the beautiful momma in this family) five years ago when I lived in Amsterdam. A lot has changed in thatView full post »

brussel sprouts

Today my housemate and I made some sweet potato, carrot, ginger and cinnamon juice in the juicer. Then we cooked upView full post »

the myrin family

Emily is a dear friend of mine, I haven’t seen her in quite some time and a lot has changed in that time.  I metView full post »

sonja & dan

I met Sonja a few years ago, when I posted a call for models for a traveler themed styled shoot. I remember herView full post »

faces of amsterdam

3 days, 1 market, 101 faces. I did my best to transcribe the names written in my notebook. Thank you all forView full post »

trust: in amsterdam

I’m super intrigued by pay-as-you-wish/feel/can models for business. Two weeks ago I was reading THIS articleView full post »


Thank you to all of you who said, “yes” when we asked to photograph you. This is from the final day at albertcuypView full post »


Thank you to all of you who said, “yes” when we asked to photograph you. This is from the second day at albertcuypView full post »

jannie + mirjam

I met Jannie when I was in Hawaii for Johanna + Antonio’s wedding, we met again in Amsterdam for a littleView full post »

a glimpse of: valencia family

Today was my first time meeting this family, but our mutual friends assured me that they were some of the mostView full post »

faces of amsterdam part 1

Thank you to all 47 of you who said, “yes” when we asked to photograph you. This is from the first day at albertcuypView full post »

preview: 100 faces project

Thank you to all 46 of you who said, “yes” when we asked to photograph you. The photos are edited and IView full post »


In ten minutes, I will head to one of my favorite places, the Albertcuyp Market and photograph whoever will allow me.View full post »

lucas’ colors

Lucas’s project in self- expression. Inspired by a Dr. Seuss book, “My many colored days” LucasView full post »

teaser: chalita + matthijs

Today I met and photographed another photographer. She’s been connected to my work for over a year through theView full post »

a glimpse of: hugo + felix

I met Tobi five years ago when I lived in Amsterdam. A lot has changed in that time, she is now a cute momma to theseView full post »

a glimpse of: dara + michiel

I spent the entire day with the bride and groom (as is typical when I travel for a wedding). From eating homemadeView full post »

elopement: lindsay + james

Lindsay + James’ ideal wedding was in the mountains of Tennessee, so we packed up our bags and went with them.View full post »

life together: paige + steve

Paige and Steve threw a gorgeous farm wedding. The details were spectacular, they were incredibly present with theirView full post »