adam turned 27!


It’s my wonderful husband, Adam’s birthday. I can’t say enough about his kind and gentle spirit, ability to have a deep peace and see good in all sorts of letdowns and situations that seem unfair. He’s a servant who goes out of his way (in the rain and the snow) to help people, both friends and strangers. He listens intently. He’s attentive to details, yet always in tune with being intentional about the big picture. He’s by far my favorite human, and I love staring at his cubby face all day every day. Happy 27th birthday, love! May all your doughssant wishes come true.

Last year on Adam’s birthday, we had our first “date” with our marriage mentors, Steve and Ellie. We’ve grown to love spending time with them and their seven amazing kids. We decided our tradition would be celebrating birthdays with them, so we spent Adam’s 26th, my 25th and now Adam’s 27th with them. So. Much. Fun. After the Brown’s house, we stopped by the Iuka House (my old house) and dropped in on the girls who were hanging out. We giggled and told stories and Maddie lit a candle on a cookie and popped a beer for Adam! A nice ending to our night. So loved.

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