katie+bobbyfavorites022I love that Rachel does lifestyle photography. She captures the actions and mood of the actual day. It isn’t too posed or forced. She can take the most mundane thing and make it look absolutely beautiful.
Paige + Steve Goslin

Rachel Joy Baransi. Where do I begin? I had never met Rachel before the wedding, but based on her social media presence, I already had immense respect for her and knew she was the perfect person to photograph our wedding. The lightness she captures in her portraits is really breath-taking, and she photographs moments of authenticity rather than posed intimacy. I think her talent is immensely evident. But you also need to know that Rachel was not only my photographer that day – she was my friend, my counselor, and my guru. I am not exaggerating. Her calming presence and self-assuredness took so much pressure off me, and if I could do it over and over and over, I would hire Rachel again and again. She is a really special person, and I feel so lucky that I had the opportunity to work with her and get to know her before she becomes off-the-charts famous and unattainable. All the best, Rachel!

Liz + Adam Susong


Rachel captured the beauty of the day so perfectly, and now – for the rest of our lives, we will have the most beautiful snapshots of the best. day. ever. We look forward to working with Rachel Joy Photos again in the future.
Emily + Cuddles Caudill

We loved working with you Rachel, we get super absorbed in the moment and you documented it just as if we were directing you. I think all your future clients are lucky to have someone who just naturally gets the process. Thanks for taking the time to meet several times and make our photography dreams come true!
Roxanna + Ron Cooper

You know…we can’t see God’s face yet, but with your work you visually introduce God the Creator to a world that is ready to see.
Kimberly Valencia

Rachel captures moments. She’s got a huge heart and brings out the silly, vulnerable, intimate and absurd in people. It makes for wonderful photos, moments and memories. And that’s what life’s all about, right?
Glenn + Brittany Winters

From taking our engagement pictures in the fall and our wedding shots in the spring, The Nilan/Baransi combination was wonderful! On your wedding day, the bride and groom want to feel like a King and Queen. Steve and I sure felt like royalty on our special day on April 27th, 2013. We prayed for months ahead of time that the weather would hold up. It was a gorgeous sunny day with clear skies and no sign of rain! A very special moment for Steve and I was when we did our “sneak peak.” Rachel suggested this for us and we are very thankful we had a moment to ourselves before we said “I do.”  Rachel has a wonderful, loving, compassionate personality that has the ability to unite people with ease. She can make taking engagement and wedding shots fun for anybody. We were blessed to have her talent portray our love and share in our wedding day. Thank you sweet Rachel!!
Steve + Christy Nilan 

Yesterday, we watched our wedding video with my grandpa who couldn’t be there due to advanced Alzheimer’s. I cannot even begin to explain the way my heart swelled and soared sharing our day with him. For a few brief minutes he came back to us and watched me marry my favorite person. And you’re so much to thank for that. The little details that you captured made us feel like we were living our day again, but with him right there. With your video you gave me one of the deepest, unspoken desires of my heart; to have him at my wedding. We LOVE our video. There are few times I don’t need to grab tissues watching it! You are truly a rare talent and I’m so glad you documented our wedding. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for taking such care of our memories and packaging them in a totally unique and memorable way. -Anonymous

“I, a photographer, never thought in a million years that I would do video, (and for that matter, enjoy it). A huge thanks to the wonderful Rachel for takeing the time to share her knowledge of the video process- starting from the video itself to the editing of the final product. I have always admired the way Rachel tells peoples stories through her videos and photographs. Rachel’s work never fails to blow my mind. After our mentorship together my head is now a massive video idea hurricane. & I have only one person to thank for the storm in my head, Rachel.” – Grace E Jones, photographer about a videography mentorship.