About Us

Feeling stumped to write our own, we decided to let the other person do the job. Adam wrote Rachel’s and Rachel wrote Adam’s. 


Adam likes studying permaculture, making kombucha, homemade cleaning supplies and hanging laundry on the line. It’s hard to tell if it’s 1820 or the 2000s sometimes with his pioneer ways. I fell in love with him for the way he talked to strangers and listens intently and remembers so much of what has been shared with him and responds in such a loving way that every person who crosses paths with him gets to be deeply heard. He’s kind and gentle and good in the kitchen. He makes the majority of our meals and does all of our shopping, so whenever I get complimented on a bag I carry or a wallet I use, I always respond with “thanks, adam picked it”.  He shops with his conscience and not for a deal. While we were dating and combining our lives, we were inspired by this article about fools price. For our wedding we asked guests to contribute to our ‘life/wellness/travel fund’ rather than purchasing some sort of fancy version of a home-good we already owned.

He cares a lot about the environment, so much so that in our wedding, one of my vows was, “I promise to go out of my way to recycle”. Although far from perfect, we’re inspired by zero waste humans on instagram. He’s always learning and quietly and thoughtfully taking on lots of jobs as a challenge.

Currently on his nightstand: a book about chopping wood, 3 food books, 5 minute journal and the daily stoic.

Currently in his mug: herbal tea or fire cider.

If he could have lunch with anyone he’d definitely go with: Tim Ferriss.

Best gift he’s ever received: A clean closest, surprised by Rachel and her friend Esther while they were dating.


Rachel is driven. Whilst hustling to establish her photography business over the past half a decade, she also nannied for eight months in the Netherlands, graduated from college with a degree in comparative cultural studies, met the bun boy of her dreams, married said BB, traveled the world, settled down, bought a house, had baby chickens, and got adopted by a pup.

Rachel’s first loves are connecting, community, and stories surrounding both. She is obsessed with the real, gritty, true-life memoirs of Glennon Doyle Melton, Nora McInerny Purmort, and Shauna Niequist. She not only listens intently to podcasts by Krista Tippett and Ira Glass, but also to the stories of anyone she encounters–airbnb hosts, strangers on a plane, and can collectors we meet on walks around our neighborhood.

Boy can she narrate a mean story, too?! I was first attracted to Rachel through her social media presence, where I could tell the lens through which she saw the world was magical. Whether capturing the love of newlyweds or raising money for a trip to the Philippines to document a birth clinic, Rachel pours her soul into getting at the heart of a story and distilling its essence into a digital treasure that will preserve the memory for generations to come.

I fell in love with Rachel for her passion of connecting and sharing life with those around her. She was the first person I ever heard use the phrase, “Do life together,” and at the time, the phrase seemed simple yet brilliant. Soon after meeting, I would learn one of Rachel’s nicknames was NoBo, and while also the name of the neighborhood where I lived/worked, in her case, it stood for No Boundaries. She’s not afraid to ask questions to go deeper in a relationship, and no topic is off limits.

Rachel is one kooky mama. She is self-described as, “Craving the meats, not the sweets.” Ice cream being the only exception, so much so that I vowed at our wedding to always save the last bite of ice cream for her. If given a choice between two things, she will typically choose half of one and half of the other. Rachel wasn’t much of an animal person until our dog adopted us–now she’s a lover. After successfully completing one round of Whole30, Rachel vowed she could keep doing it forever, as long as we could add dairy, rice, corn, and sugar. She has a fuzzy blanket that follows her around the house a la Linus van Pelt. If spotted out in the wild, Rachel would probably be donning at least one piece of her signature outfit of gold bong earrings, black dress, colorful cardigan, and black leggings.

Always inspired, yet with so little time, her bucket list is always on the uptick.   Currently at the top are baking her first pie, learning calligraphy, finishing her first weaving and quilt, perfecting her bath bomb recipe, touring a factory (/any/ factory), sewing linen clothes, inventing a heated napping bubble to be used outdoors during winter, and starting/running a community center.

Currently on her nightstand: iphone, two yellow books (you are here + badass), under aurora’s coconut oil, tweefontein’s sacred salve.

Currently in her mug: hot chocolate, mint tea, or both!

If she could have lunch with anyone she’d definitely go with: Alana Shock.

Best gift she’s ever received: a whole pie from Dough Mama (from one of my brides!!!! BEST GIFT EVER!)


Clooney found us. A couple of months after we moved to our house in North Linden we heard cries outside our bedroom window. The next morning, he was hanging around in our driveway looking a bit dirty and sad but not sickly. We thought he surely must have a family losing their mind over his well being and decided our mission that day would be to reconnect them. When Rachel asked Adam, “What’s his name?” Adam’s mind went to O Brother Where Art Thou and replied with, “Clooney” Having no idea that he’d be a permanent structure at the barehl homestead forever more there was no arguing about his name. After several days of looking for his old family, we became his new. We fell hard. He was perfect. He was well mannered and house trained. His grandparents, Eric and Jan helped us a lot that first summer. Our summer was heavy with weddings and travel so he spent a lot of time at his home away from home. If you need more of his pretty face, look up the hashtag #clooneyb on instagram.

Currently on his nightstand: nothing, he doesn’t have a nightstand.

Currently in his mug: peanut butter.

If he could have lunch with anyone he’d definitely go with: a rotisserie chicken (not one of his sisters though). 

Best gift he’s ever received: A forever home.

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