A new season and slideshows

Wow, our winter months of sabbatical have come to an close. We ended with a bang at the Canada Photo Convention which was a super rad time to gather in a room with a couple hundred other photographers and be poured into from our speakers. They shared wisdom, failures, exciting stories, ways they make their couples or families feel loved- all to benefit us as storytellers. One of the things I really enjoyed during many of the talks were slideshows. They were mostly showcasing the photographers portfolio before they started to speak but I felt so in tune with the photos as I was watching them, their pace changing outside of my control and with good music harmonizing with the images. I decided that one take-away for me from the conference is that I want everyone to see their photos in that same way. So for my last few sessions, I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the photos in that way. Below is my recent work from the last month, all of which has to do with the beauty of motherhood and family.  We’re back reentering wedding season, but I do plan to continue documenting families throughout the year, it’s so important. Enjoy!